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Messenger service

Anytime Delivery Service
San Diego, CA 92129

Tel: (760) 644-0313




If you need a messenger service, we are your partner. Contact us today to have our courier team dispatched to your location as soon as possible.

When you contact our team, we send out the nearest courier to you. Since we have couriers all around San Diego county, their wont be any hassle. We strive to get your delivery done on time. No need to stay on hold when you call. We over employ just so that our customers never have to wait.

Since we do not have an 1-800 line, you will never be hold. Our line is as local as it can be. No wait time, no stress. That’s how businesses should be treated. We stay local and we will continue to stay local. Because we believe in quality business. With fast shipping time expectations as well.  What ever your business may need, we will provide it. Without the extra price tag!Our messenger service line is always available. We like to keep our lines available by having multiple offices around San Diego. So why have our customers wait?

Feel free to call us. We are available 24/7. Day and night. Either in the A.M, P.M, or holidays. We will still be available. You can easily contact our messenger service team through the phone or on our home page. We took the troubles for you and broke the request form down into 4 lines! Why not stand by our word and make it easy for you?

Call us today and ask about the promo codes we will offer for you. Located on the bottom of the page. This promo code will save you 10% on your next delivery.



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